SEED BANK UPDATE Last Updated: Saturday May 20th, 2017

The Seed Bank Update is your trusted website for unbiased seed bank reviews. The Seed Bank Update 2017 was last updated on May 20th, 2017. We have the most recent seed bank update for the year 2017!

NEWS THIS WEEK: The #1 Seed Bank in the world is having their 20th Anniversary Sale. You'll get Free Feminized Seeds. It's the best deal out there. The best strain in my opinion is thier Pot of Gold Feminized Seeds. It has so much amber THC, it looks like the entire plant was bronzed in gold.

Seed Bank Update is now updating it's site multiple times per month so that you'll have the most up-to-date seed bank reviews.

Huge Shortage of Cannabis and Cannabis Seeds

Seed Bank Update May 2017. There is a huge shortage of cannabis and cannabis seeds this year because global demand is increasing beyond expectations. be sure to check the seed bank update before you buy your seeds online. Many seed banks are all sold out because of the global shortage. So many countries have now legalized recreational cannabis as well as medical marijuana and demand for seeds has surged over 1200% this year already. So if you see a strain you like, from our recommended seed banks, act fast because rumor has it, seed prices are about to increase.

If you want a guaranteed supply of marijuana to smoke, you'll need to grow your own this year. There's over 1200% global increase cannabis use and medical users are literally in pain without medical marijuana because the surge in demand has left no supply.

Huge Profit Potential For Entrepreneurs Filling the Shortages

It's never been a better time to be entrepreneurial and help supply the global shortage for those in need. You'll  be able to profit making millions because of the massive increase in profits due to the low supply and huge demand. It's causing a large spike in medical marijuana and cannabis seed prices. There's a projected shortage for the next 4 years, so you better get on the green wagon and get rich while helping others. is the Oldest Running Seed Bank Update's Seed Bank Update is the longest running unbiased marijuana seed bank rating website.

We are happy to have the most up-to-date list of the World's Best Cannabis Seed Banks for 2017!

For all you Australian cannabis growers, it's time to get some AUSSIE BLUE seeds ordered today! American Growers need to place their order's today to get their seedlings started indoors and get them ready to be planted outdoors. It's already time to order, don't procrastinate. By the time you place your order, get them delivered and started indoors, they will be ready for your outdoors. can help you with all your cannabis seed needs.

Don't Get Ripped Off by Scam Seed Banks

This website will help you from being ripped off from scam seed sites that exist. Our rating system is based on seed banks that have proven the tests of time.

You may notice that seed banks new to the scene (that you may of heard good things about) will not be listed in our seed bank ratings because  all seed banks rated here must prove reliability for at least 5 years.

In our past experience, seed banks that are only open for a couple years, with good reviews and loyal customers, have suddenly gotten shut down. When this happens, your orders that were en route will not be sent, your money taken and worst yet, your data could be in the possession of the specific people you'd rather not. Seed banks that have been around for 5 years or longer know how to protect your sensitive data and they'll make sure your order gets delivered in a professional and stealthy manner. If you want to maintain your freedom, it's best to buy only from professional discrete and security savvy people running the seed bank.

The Safest Seed Bank to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online.

We have recently been getting feedback from customers of Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds bragging about how large their White Widow XTRM Feminized strain has been growing this summer compared to the other strains.

For the past 20 years now, we have been getting lots of positive feedback for Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds, fully matured fat marijuana seeds being delivered discretely and problem free. Especially for our USA and Australian feedback commentators, they are jumping up and down with their discrete delivery methods. No one reported a single seized order, not a single issue at the border, only compliments to their excellent germination rates with superior growth and AMS will stay in 1st place for the best seed bank 2017.

We are no longer using 1/2 star ratings for ease of use

Best Seed Banks For 2017 - THE BEST TOP 3 SEED BANKS


Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds



WORLDWIDE SHIPPING - Including USA, Australia and New Zealand

100% positive reviews for the past 5 years

FREE SEEDS WITH EVERY ORDER!! Excellent Promotions

Safest Seed Bank To Order Cannabis Seeds Online

Seed Bank Update Legit Seed Bank Safe Choice Award Winner

USA AND AUSTRALIAN SHIPPING 10% Discount using Bit coins, Cash, Bank Transfer or Western Union. Accepts Money Orders, and Credit Cards too.
RELIABLE, EXCELLENT GENETICS. Their Best Strains are: Amnesia Trance Feminized Pot of Gold Feminized and White Widow XTRM

No. 1 Strains for 2017 - Cup Winning Feminized Combo pack.


Rainbow Kush, Girl Scout Cookies, Fruit Basket Combo Feminised,

Green Crack Feminised, Nurse Crackie Feminised, Silver Jack Feminised

#2 Choice For 2017

Legends Seeds





#3 Choice
for 2017

Medical Marijuana Seeds



Best Top 10 Seed Banks For 2017

#4 Best Seed Bank

BC Seeds

Cash Only, often sold out due to popularity. New Genetically Modified Strains. Creator of 39 of the World's Strongest Strains. Newest strains for 2017; Space Buzz-Continuum Bud, Multiverse God Bud and the new strongest weed strain on Earth, Sky Heaven Bud

Shipping in Australia, USA and globally, 15+ years reliable service. All forms of payment: Credit Card, Bit coin, Cash, MO, Western Union etc..

NEW STRAIN: Limoncello Haze Feminized


Providing Norway a solution to obtain seeds delivered super extra stealth for your safety

Amazing Strains for Norway's Cold Outdoor Weather

#8 OZ Seed Bank (Aussie Seed Bank)

#9 - The British Columbia Seed Company

#10 - Vancouver's Best Seed Bank

The Marijuana Legalization Movement in High Gear

Many changes are occurring in the USA regarding medical marijuana, and we now see how terrible Obama is with his anti-marijuana agenda continuing on in his second term. He is letting Innocent Citizens Go to Jail where medical marijuana dispensaries are satte legal, yet he lets wall street steal Trillions. Something is very wrong with our country and sometimes relaxing with a joint and sharing ideas with friends can start a real movement to improve our great country. I encourage all you free thinkers that you can do something great and powerful, each and everyone of you.

Cancer Curing CBD Cannabis Oil

Many people want to make their own Rick Simpson Cannabis CBD cancer cure oil and you'll need this strain that is really high in CBD and really high in THC, the cure doesn't work if either the THC or CBD levels are too low. The perfect strain with the correct levels of CBD and THC is Supercharged Silver Haze Feminized. They are selling fast, so don't delay and order now.

BUY YOUR'S HERE and get free marijuana seeds

How To Get Your Seed Bank Listed on the Seed Bank Update

How do you get your seed bank listed on the seed bank update is up to our readers. They submit verified purchases and experiences and we gather the data and post the results on our seed bank update.

It does take years of reliable service to get listed on my seed bank update website, but we still need you to email us your experiences, good or bad with new or older seed banks. This website is constantly being updated, so even a good seed bank rating can drop if their standards drop as well. Please email me: (remove ZZZ) with your latest experiences so we can share them with our readers.

Why Are The Most Advertised Seed Banks Selling Garbage?

Some big named seed banks spend tons advertising, but send garbage seeds.

You may also notice that many seed banks that advertise in popular magazines do not make it on our safe review list.

Please keep in mind that just because a seed bank can afford to place an ad, does not make it a legit company. We literally get thousands of emails of complaints about a major magazine company, which allows scam seed banks to keep placing ads in their "reputable" magazine!

If I owned the magazine, I would put a stop to this madness, and worry about my reputation, but for some reason, the madness continues and good people like you get ripped off.

So keep in mind, some of the best seed banks do not advertise at all.

In the world of seed banks, word-of-mouth is still the best methods of advertising.

Up and Coming Seed Banks

Up and coming seed banks that made it to our radar this week are and

The Seed Bank Update will help you find quality cannabis seeds from reliable, time tested and honest cannabis seed banks. Furthermore, we hope you find this list helpful and we always need your seed bank update, so send us an email and help the community.

Scam Section

Due to legal letters from a large corporation, we are no longer able to post our "Scam Section". I guess our little site is affecting someone's magazine advertising profits. I hate to have to give into threats, but sometimes you have to know when the other side can afford better lawyers.

These are seed banks that have been around for 5 years or longer and we have heard many good things and are considered safe. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds has really been doing amazing things with their genetics the past 21 months and they take the top spot for 2013, 2014, 2015 and again for 2016 for the best place to order your marijuana seeds with a 100% guarantee of delivery of what you ordered and excellent quality control and quality fat ripe seeds.