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Highest Rated Strains 2021


This website will help you from being ripped off from scam seed sites that exist out there. Our rating system is based on seed banks that have proven the tests of time. You may notice that seed banks new to the scene (that you may of heard good things about) will not be listed in our seed bank ratings because all seed banks rated here must prove reliability for at least 5 years. In our past experience, seed banks that are only open for a couple years, with good reviews and loyal customers, have suddenly gotten shut down. When this happens, your orders that were en route will not be sent, your money taken and worst yet, your data could be in the possession of the specific people you'd rather not. Seed banks that have been around for 5 years or longer know how to protect your sensitive data and they'll make sure your order gets delivered in a professional and stealthy manner. If you want to maintain your freedom, it's best to buy only from professional discrete and security savvy people running the seed bank.

2021 Cannabis Seed Shortage

2021 cannabis seed shortage is already showing up this Spring. So many people are stuck at home and have decided to grow their own bud at home.

More pressures on seed supply are coming from the global legalization movement. Many would be tokers are less afraid to smoke up and recreation demand has skyrocketed.

Many strains of cannabis seeds are selling out faster than they can be bred. So if you see a strain in stock that you like, act fast and buy it immediately as it might not be available minutes later. This years Cannabis Seed Shortage is real, and you're better off buying as many strains that you can right now before there's none left.