About Seed Bank Reviews The World’s First Seed Bank Update

About Seed Banks Reviews. We are the world’s first seed bank update. We are the oldest running best seed bank reviews website. We encourage you to submit your seed bank ratings. For seed bank owners, we encourage you to post your seed bank on our site so users can rate your seed bank.

Read Reviews From Verified Purchasers

Read reviews from verified purchasers. There is so much trailer trash talk in this industry from people bashing seed banks strains, the whole while they never even grew it or smoked it. Then we have to sort through all this misinformation. It’s not what this website is all about. We’re here to provide verified seed bank ratings. We all work hard for our money and we need a reliable seed bank to buy our cannabis seeds. And that’s exactly what we’ll help you find. Only legit seed banks will have real verified reviews.

Buy With Confidence And A Full 100% Delivery Guarantee

Buy your cannabis seeds with confidence from legit seed banks with 100% delivery guarantee. That way you never take any risk. Get the strains you want from the best cannabis seed breeders in the world. We have all sorts of marijuana strains to choose from. Find unchanged classic strains like true skunk #1 or the latest genetically modified strains like Sky Heaven Bud. You can even search and filter seed banks based on the country the seed bank ships from.

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Share your growing tips with our community. Share the best seed bank for growing outdoors and indoors.

Legit Seed Bank Checklist

Before buying cannabis seeds online make sure they pass the seed bank safety checklist.
    • They have been in business for many years.
    • You personally know someone who has ordered from the seed bank.
    • They offer stealth shipping.
    • They have a 100% Delivery Guarantee.
    • Avoid seed banks that advertise in magazines, it doubles the cost of seeds you can buy from a low profile seed bank.
    • They best seeds are bred in British Columbia and The Netherlands.
    • Do they offer great customer service? Email use is usually forbidden so you’ll want to find a seed bank that will process your oder right the first time.
    • Do they breed from fresh stock or use clones from the same 10 year old female? Old clones breed week seedling and inferior plants. Make sure your seed bank grows from seed to produce more seeds, not from clones.