Newbie Trying To Find The Best Seed Bank

Follow the journey of me, a newbie trying to find the Best Seed Bank that ships Cannabis Seeds to the USA. You’ll be surprised what I discover. I’m a newbie who just started his search for buying cannabis seeds online. I don’t want to waste money, so I’m budget shopping to get the quality genetics on a tight budget. I’m not going to buy seeds from shady places or those with prices so low it’s a scam. So basically I’m just a regular working class stiff. I’m getting low on cash and I am trying to find the best seed bank in America to buy cannabis seeds online and I’m sharing my adventure with you.

Where To Buy Seeds? In a Headshops or From Seed Banks Online?

I don’t know of any headshops locally that sell mj seeds, but I’m certain they’d have a higher markup because they have more staff and commercial rents to pay. I’ve recently gone shopping for bed bed sheets in a storefront, and the markup is like double that of online pricing for the same brand. To save my money, I need to buy seeds online.

I Started Searching For Seed Banks Using Search Engines

So like most people, I started my search using google. “Hey Google! What are the best seed banks in California?” And it’s shocking to sift through all the results. I chose some of their top picks and I decided to do more research. Moreover, I also visited cannabis forums and I didn’t find them very helpful because they just push the seeds that are advertised there. I looked into some of those seed banks that advertised on the forums and found out that they didn’t have the best reviews from actual customers. Most of the complaints were small immature seeds that wouldn’t germinate, or just seeds that wouldn’t germinate. For me, if I’m paying like 10 bucks per seeds, I expect each seed to germinate and grow into a high yielder!

Corporate Weed Seeds

Weed Seeds are a commercial business. I don’t want to buy cannabis genetics from from large corporation that cuts costs and quality for profits. Have you ever bought beer from the largest corporation and compared it to a small local craft beer micro brew? There’s no contest. It was like a holy cow moment for me. Eureka! I thought I just found the holy grail. Screw all these large corporations.

Best Bang For Your Buck – Find A Small Craft Breeder

I learned just how powerful these big corporations are. They have inferior genetics but get the majority of sales. Moreover that earn more and spend it on ads. They don’t really put it into research and breeding better quality marijuana. So I know exactly what I need to find the best seed banks shipping to US. I just need to find a small mom and pop breeder with high skills. Someone who grows organically and has spent decades perfecting their craft. That’s right, no more massive commercial grow warehouse weed for me. I want a craft breeder to design a fantastic strain just perfect for me.

Best Seed Bank Sun West Genetics

Third Place

There are some great small cannabis seed banks with better quality seeds shipping to California. I purchased from 3 seed banks in total. I was lucky I found all the genetics were above average in quality, and one seed bank had insane quality. The first seed bank I bought from was  Sun West Genetics. There’s this old school hippy dude who runs the place named that’s a breeding genius. For decades he’s run a small seed bank and never screwed anyone over. He isn’t in money, but he’s rich in friends. So I sought out and grew his trains. It was amazing and trippy.

Second Best Plant For Your Buck

Next on my list is BC Seeds. They have a ton of expensive top shelf strains, but I stuck to a forum recommended Upstate bud. It was the best of the three strains I grew. Massive Indica body high like no other. I highly recommend you get some.

Final Thoughts, And Best Seed Bank For The USA

And last on my list, the best bang for my buck was THC Seeds. They have a small catalogue of highly potent and stabilized cannabis strains. i grew their white widow and was completely blown away. I’ve smoked many WW strains, but THC Seeds hands down has the best ever and at an affordable price. So that’s my top choice and I finally found the best seed bank shipping to the USA, its THC Seeds. So I hope my journey is helpful to others, you’ve all helped me so much along my way in forums and private chats, I thank you all.

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