Road Trip Combo Pack

Combine your love of the open road with the love of your favorite herb and enjoy this Road Trip Combo pack. With strains named after wonderful places in the USA, you are sure to feel inspired to head out on your next adventure. The strains in this combo pack will take your road trip to the next level. For the passengers, not the driver, of course, these strains will make the scenery more beautiful, the tunes more fun, and the snacks the best ever.

Why Take A Road Trip?

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Our Road Trip Combo Pack is all about the journey with friends. Explore the world and you and others in a whole new way. Learn more inside!


Picture this: you are going on a road trip for the scenic views with your friends or colleagues. How exactly would you like to have a complete overview of what’s new while your eyes are already clogged or even your brain is already full of thoughts? Well, you will need the road trip combo pack to get yourself ultimately going.

Some good stash will keep you going regardless of the time of the day. Interested in remaining happy and lively during the entire day as you view what excites you? Then our New York Turbo Diesel feminized seeds grass is there to keep you going. On the other hand, L.A. Don feminized seeds and California Dream feminized seeds dope harbor Indica characteristics which means that the strains are ideal as you watch the sunset. We were smart enough to ensure that you are gaining the benefits of what these two cannabis strains have to offer.

All the three plants pack some profoundly potent stuff and we wouldn’t recommend the driver to taste these grasses? stash, lest they get knocked off and leave the vehicle to drive itself. Seriously there is no ordinary plant on these USA Cities? named strains.

L.A. Don feminized

With powerful Indica parent strains like Black Domina and L.A. Confidential, you won’t need to count sheep at night. Its high THC percentage will not only help you drift off into a peaceful sleep but will nip your aches, pains, and anxiety in the bud.

California Dream feminized

California marijuana is a hybrid strain that will give you a dreamlike, creative high. The THC level of California Dream cannabis is incredibly high. Although it’s a hybrid, the California Dream strain leans towards an indica. It has a 70%/ 30% indica/ sativa split.

NY Turbo Diesel feminized

It’s famous for its exotic ripe red grape smell and taste. We have the New York TURBO Diesel, this is the 2.0 version of the original. The result of this selection is a higher yield, without losing his powerful exotic qualities. Chosen as best sativa on the High Times Cannabis Cup. More potent, better resistant to bugs and pests, and greater yield.


We love taking on new challenges and we hope the same case with you, too. We cracked our heads for long in the quest to compile those very cannabis strains that will enable you to tour the wild and world while on the road without feeling any sort of exhaustion or sleepy and settled on our road trip variety pack.

Of course, the best marijuana seed packs your taste buds can ever yearn for will forever be found on Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds company. If you are interested in this package along with another, then we would be happy to satisfy you – we have loads of the best marijuana mix packs.


We get it that you wouldn’t wish to meet a mishap such as having the pot in your vicinity used up before you complete your road trip errands. See, there is a difference between the regular versions of these strains and the feminized grasses we are talking about here.

Feminized marijuana provides all-female strains and this helps in minimizing the wastage that can occur during the elimination of males from a marijuana farm (thus feminized cannabis is a sure bet to giving you an ROI).

With that in mind, feminized cannabis plants provide more massive buds, and essentially more cannabis yields. This means that when you carry the strains on this package to your road trip, it?ll be far much more than another person who went for a similar pothead who went for a road trip regular combo pack. As such, do you know who will have their taste bus more satisfied? Your guess is as good as mine.


Different potheads have different tastes and preferences and it would really rock if you have diverse tastes to keep every other smoker satisfied. The three types of strain beans here; California Dream feminized seeds, L.A. Don feminized seeds, and feminized New York Turbo Diesel feminized seeds give weed with different effects and this means that there will be three options to explore in a different package. What a good way to keep everyone thanking you and asking for more as you behold what mother nature has to offer!

If need be to hotbox, any of these strains produce so much smoke and you can select one of the cars and do your thing there with friends, minus the driver of course. Trust us that cannabis hotboxing while on a road trip truly rocks and will leave with the most unforgettable moments you have ever heard or felt. We don?t mind listening to your testimonial after you trial with our road trip mix pack.


Could be something is quite clear about our assortments and you would like clarification to be made. The easiest way to reach out to us is through shooting us an email at our support page and we will undoubtedly circle back as soon as possible.

P.S: These beans have a 90% germination guarantee and free shipping worldwide.

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