AK47 XTRM is not hard to grow, but you need additional consideration because of its sensitivity to mould and pests. You need to monitor the wetness and temperature of the plant to keep it away from too much moisture. You can arrange a fan that circulates the air inside their growing space. This fatty sister of AK 47 Feminized Cannabis also needs 47 days to produce flowers. This is one of the best social autoflower strains to enjoy great smoke with your friends. We also suggest Carbo initiated filters to control the scent of these plants.

We searched for years to find the ultimate AK47, and after so much research and approval from authorities, we improved our search and went to a master breeder for advice. And finally, we are providing service at another level where every seed specialist draws the line. Buy AK 47 XTRM feminized online USA from reliable store.


The AK47 feminized is awesome due to its properties. A very special and flavourful stain arose. It is hard to grow but needs some special circumstances to grow larger than its little sister. It is applied for only AK47 XTRM regularly, not for every auto-flowering strain. AK47 is also ideal for medical treatment because it contains high levels of sativa. Because of her potent bud, it is best for a pro head to starch during the daytime. The quantity of Tetrahydrocannabinol ranges between 20 and 30% and not for wannabe connoisseurs.


After spending much time thinking, travelling and testing, we concluded the best of both worlds. Initially, our breeders were dissatisfied with the quality of the existing AK47’s yield and decided to cross-breed it with our superior White Widow XTRM strain. Then our experts leaked themselves into the place where no one was permitted to enter. They lived life like a hermit only on bread and water with the purpose to create a new AK 47. and finally, they succeeded and then came out of the space with a scruffy beard and a shining smile. By the merger of two existing strains, they produce a new feminized AK47 XTRM!!. Later they made some corrective growth to ensure the better plant figure and stem to bud ratio and finally established it into a cannabis plant.


The AK47 XTRM brings a divine high, and exciting touch. The CBD level is also very high in strain and has incredible medical potential to cure disease.


The AMS AK 47 seeds are always in high demand as they are crush-proof in what they offer. We are honestly unable to state for how long they will be in stock before restocking as under most circumstances, our customers order more than 2 packets. We felt it worthwhile to notify you in advance so that you can take action right away. We would wish you to miss out on what the AK 47 XTRM has to offer.

Well, let’s say you have ordered your packet of the AMS AK 47 XTRM feminized seeds. (We find the onset of the fall season the best for germinating your cannabis). So, please take your ample time to go through our germination guide and determine the best germination method for you.

As she is a heavy yielder, you may need to support her branches well before the flowering phase kicks in. And no, this is not the ordinary strain that requires any kind of supporting, be it feeble or not! AK 47 XTRM yields up to 1000gms per square meter in the case of outdoor growing and up to 700gms indoors!

Also, she may require some cloning, and if you are an expert, please do her this justice. The spacing is also a factor to consider as you don’t need to squeeze her anyhow, while also considering the other factors such as ample light, nutrients, and of course, water .

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Additional information



THC Level

Up to 20%





Yield Outdoor

Up to 1000 grams / 35.3 ounces per sq meter

Height Indoor

Up to 200 cm / 78.7 inch

Flowering Time Indoor

8 weeks

Grow Difficulty



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