Big bubble feminized seeds are also known as Bubblelicious feminized seeds. As the name suggests, it is sweet like Bubblegum, a delicious bubble with high yield and quick flowering. Its strain has the genetics of F1 lavender. No one can stop himself from smelling the strain’s buds as its sweet, earthy, and flowery scent will get you hooked. The regular customer of this strain feels Insta-relaxed after a small session with Bubblegum. It is ideal for people who have problems with a mood disorder as it creates an amazing feeling of happiness and relaxation in your mind. But it would be best if you took a dose according to your capability only because it contains a high THC percentage.



Big Bubble feminized strain is an Indica dominant strain whose parent strain were a match made in heaven. Mass and Bubblegum blend perfectly together to give you Big Bubble, a delicious strain with high yields that flower quickly. You will not want to stop smelling the buds of this strain as it’s sweet, earthy, and the flowery scent will get you hooked. Find bubble gum feminized seeds for sale online at best website.

Bubble Gum Feminized Seeds for Sale Online

You wouldn’t expect the scents to be worse as her parents, Mass and Bubblegum pack a combination of the utter best scents.


The Big Bubble Indica strain is as a result of massive breeding efforts that saw to it that she exists. As the name suggests, she gives you a top-notch big bubble of smoke as you try to exhale. Not to hoot our horn or anything, but with all due honesty, we desperately need a pat on the back for coming up with this beast.

We decided to let her be ideal for every grower by tweaking her in such a way that growers of different experience levels may cultivate her, which in this case makes us describe her as having an easy growing difficulty.

A typical INDICA

It is typically a short plant with true Indica properties. The strains of Bubblegum are fluffy, sticky buds and rich in THC(24%). It is famous for its extremely high yield that it can make more round the head branches. This originally found in the America and midwest and became a perfect example of feminized seed. Our exclusive services made it easy for you to get Bubblegum across the world. The cold weather is the ideal time to harvest the plant and reach its full benefits. Highly concentrated buds give a sweet taste like gum and there are a number of varieties that provide flavours of pink bubble gum. Some people also named her “globetrotter” because she originated in the USA and now the weather of England and the Netherlands is also enjoying her. For better taste and effects, we have added F1 Lavender genetics.

After having a dose of Bubblegum, you will feel like you are in a floating bubble and gives instant relief to your body and removes all anxieties and stress. It has a high percentage of THC, which makes it ideal for medical purposes. Even most of the consumers consider her as a euphoric strain, and we can echo their words. It contains up to 75% Indica level and approx 24% of THC. Seed bank reviews are always a better choice for your needs because we cultivated seed in the right manner and provided you with the best quality. Add a big bubble strain to your shopping list for an unforgettable experience.


As the Big Bubble strain has an easy growing difficulty, there is no reason why you shouldn’t benefit from her massive yielding capability now that we have a germination guide in store for your perusal.

Her indoor flowering time is also short, and ranges between 7 and 9 weeks. We find it ideal when you go the outdoors way if you would like to reap massively, but indoors is also fine, now that her heights are manageable.

As with most Indicas, Big Bubble seeds tend to give rise to bushy strains and during the time for transplanting the seedlings, you may need to adequately space her in such a way that no individual Big Bubble strain will have her leaves lingering with the other.

Secondly, ensure that watering your Big Bubble cannabis is optimal as this regular weed requires sufficient water. The nutrients need to also be ample, and so marijuana fertilizers need to be used. If you are not in a position to use marijuana fertilizers for let’s say a limited budget, then be sure that you use coffee grounds as your source of organic fertilizer.

Strain Details

Additional information



THC Level

Up to 23%





Yield Outdoor


Height Indoor

>65 inches

Flowering Time Indoor

7-9 weeks

Grow Difficulty



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