Imported from South Africa produced in Holland. One of the few 100% Sativa strains. A very stable plant with long leaves. Durban Poison produces large and long resin-covered buds. Durban Poison has a sweet licorice taste and a very uplifting high. The perfect outdoor plant for milder climates.


Durban Poison strain is a very stable plant with long leaves and it give rise as a grass that is one of the strongest against adverse weather conditions such as strong sunlight and winds. Also, marijuana white powdery, caterpillars, molds, and fungi mostly never attack this strain. The name has something to give away, too.

These long leaves help in ensuring that Durban seeds produce strains that can withstand low amounts of water. Bets adapted for the tropical and relatively hot environments.


Durban Poison produces large and long resin-covered buds. To the best extent, this means that she is a medium yielder, where she won’t surprise you to provide optimal yields of up to 350gms per square meter when grown indoors, and up to 375gms per square meter when cultivated outdoors. While Durban poison marijuana seeds may not be the heaviest yielding, she has loads of likable characteristics as we will keep on checking.


Imported from South Africa produced in Holland. One of the few 100% Sativa strains. Here at the Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Company, we have kept doing our best towards the improvement of these seeds. Our breeders, led by the mighty Relaximo have gone above and beyond towards ensuring that you are getting nothing but the utter best Durban Poison feminized seeds.


Durban Poison has a sweet licorice taste and a very uplifting high. We find her the best Sativa strain for that pothead who wishes to start their day high with moderate Tetrahydrocannabinol levels. Her THC amounts range between 5 and 15%, with the amounts of CBD being normal.

Beginners, here is our perfect beauty for starting your day in high notes, with guaranteed productivity, creativity, happiness, and overall mood enhancement. And no, Durban poison feminized seeds will not get you couch-locked. You can afford a long-lasting smile now knowing that you can have your moods always elevated with a functional Sativa that really is.


Don’t worry that you are an absolute beginner in the cultivation of pot, and specifically, don’t crack you hear that this is 100% Sativa strain. These feminized seeds grow into the perfect outdoor plant for milder climates.

They also do well indoors but please note that we don’t recommend the raising of Durban feminized on the balconies. As with all Sativas, they tend to grow tall, and Durban seeds can grow up to 210cm or up to 80cm indoors.

She requires sufficient sunshine, which explains why we recommend growing her outdoors. If you decide to go indoors, please consider the usage of CFL cannabis grow lights to ensure that she gets a couple of the necessities – heat, and light.

Germinating the Durban Poison cannabis seeds is easy, as the strain herself has an easy or medium growing difficulty. However, you need to first consider the pieces of equipment you will use while growing her. For instance, do you find the paper towel, seedling plugs, overnight soaking, or any other technique working best for you? Note it down. If you have never sprouted cannabis seeds, then we have a germination guide to make the process straightforward for you.

Secondly, while transplanting the seedlings, there is something special about Sativas – spacing. These strains are mostly tall and as we have mentioned up there, they have long leaves. It is inevitable that your spacing needs to be wide.

Also, if you decide to grow your Durban poison feminized seeds indoors, please ensure that the growing medium is high enough to leave sufficient spacing between the strain edges and the rooftop of the growing medium. Let’s take an example that you will grow this strain on a greenhouse. Now that this strain grows up to 80cm indoors, the rooftop of your greenhouse needs to be 200cm and higher to leave the ideal growing space.

Also, the spacing between a single Durban poison fem strain and the other needs to be equally wide. The long leaves of the plant need not intertwine with the nearby plants as this may make her spread diseases to the other plant.


Thirdly, spice up your farm with a Durban strain. There are a plentitude of reasons why you may need to include cannabis companion plants with cannabis companion plants, and if for a reason you don’t know some of those, then this blog post is handy.

Lastly, just how much water will your feminized Durban Poison cannabis plant need? You need to be lenient here. As this is one of those few strains that do well even when cultivated in mild environments, the watering needs to be balanced. Not too much water, and not too little. Whenever you introduce nutrients such as coffee grounds or marijuana fertilizers to these plants, then you will need to water this grass after that for the water to start dissolving the very nutrients.


Are you worried that your pocket isn’t deep enough to start growing pot today? We are proud to prove you wrong right now. Firstly, we package these seeds in packs of 5, 10, and 20. If you find the 20-pack prices are not correspondent to what you have, then you may consider going for the 5 pack or 10 seeds pack.

Thankfully, our seeds have a 90% germination guarantee, especially when the grower keeps themselves up to date with our germination guide. Having been on the business for more than 20 years now, we have consistently maintained the quality of seeds, while still ensuring that every other addition to the stock is an improved version of the last one.

We also have price discounts from time to time, where we announce on our email subscribers. Be sure to join our newsletter today as we don’t want you to feel edged out in the upcoming offer.

Order your Durban Poison feminized seeds, with every cannabis seeds order you receive free worldwide shipping. Need some help growing your seeds into plants with great buds? Check out our AMS Grow Guide!

Additional information



THC Level

Up to 14%





Yield Outdoor

Up to 375 grams / 13.2 ounces per sq meter

Height Indoor

Up to 210 cm / 82.7 inch

Flowering Time Indoor

9 – 11 weeks

Grow Difficulty



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