Sativa Auto Fem Combo Pack

If you’re a wake-n-bake kind of smoker or need a boost during the day then sativa strains are your best friend. This Sativa Combo Pack Auto-fem will produce buds that jumpstart creativity, provides an intense cerebral high, and give you focus and mental energy. Auto-fem plants can be harvested in as little as 10 weeks so you can get your buzz on sooner rather than later.

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It’s all in the name. Our Sativa Combo pack auto flowering feminized seeds incorporates those cannabis beans that are typical Sativas and auto flowering in nature. Nonetheless, it wouldn’t hurt if we understand a couple of things in this package.

Well, autoflowering cannabis refers to those strains that move directly from the vegetative stage to the flowering phase as they age as opposed to depending on light and darkness hours.

There are a plentitude of benefits associated with autoflowering cannabis strains, and you will garner all these when you plant the beans available on our Sativa autoflowering mix pack. While at this, learn how to grow auto flowering cannabis seeds here.


Firstly, auto plants have a shorter flowering period as compared to the photoperiod cannabis strains. Essentially, the grower benefits from numerous harvests in a single year. It gets even better when you go indoors with these plants as the fast flowering times mean that you will clear your growing medium faster, plant another round of plants, and get your yields fast.

Secondly, even though these are Sativas, they are relatively shorter compared to their photoperiod cannabis Sativa counterparts. This gives the grower the advantage of proper management. Shorter heights mostly translate to better management as compared to when the strains are extremely towering.

Lastly, these strains favor growers of all experience levels. Necessarily, you don’t have to have garnered loads of experience to excel in growing autoflowering dope.

New York Turbo Diesel auto-fem

This strain is famous for its exotic ripe red grape smell and taste. We have the New York TURBO Diesel, this is the 2.0 version of the original. The result of this selection is a higher yield, without losing his powerful exotic qualities. It is more potent, better resistant to bugs and pests, and greater yield.

New York Turbo Diesel auto-fem seeds, and especially when grown outdoors beats most of the photoperiod strains you will see out there. For an auto flower to yield up to 750 grams per square meter, it means we’ve done a ton of smart breeding.

Green Crack auto-feminized

Green Crack is a strain you just have to smoke. The thrilling Green Crack will turn the laziest goof-off into a powerful battery with its energetic effect and extraordinary mango aroma. Whether you need a smoke after a rough day, just want to take a puff or if you want to turn the daily grind into bliss: Green Crack is what you’re looking for.

Despite being a typical Sativa, Green Crack auto-fem seeds strains are not the most towering Sativas you will find out there. In fact, the outdoor heights for these plants are half the height of the most 100% Sativas you will find out there. Here, we are talking about 100cm indoor height and up to 130cm of outdoor height. Talking about manageable heights on a typical Sativa is mostly unheard of, but the Green Crack auto-feminized seeds have beaten all the odds.

Purple Power auto-feminized

This powerhouse is a very stable plant that even grows in climates with pretty colder conditions. Purple Power, the stuff of legends. This very pretty plant has a big secret. Purple Power triggers creativity, unlike any other marijuana plant. Used by many great artists all over the world.

If looks mesmerize you, then the Purple Power auto-feminized seeds strain is here to stay. We like describing her as a purple budded beauty, but this, of course, doesn’t mean that she only has looks to offer. This is the strain that we mostly recommend for both beginner growers and smokers. Her growing difficulty is easy and the THC amounts are among the most suitable for beginners (between 5 and 15%). This means that growers and connoisseurs of all levels can ultimately rely on this strain.


Scientists describe cannabis Sativa plants as ideal for providing the user with energizing and mood-lifting effects. Unlike cannabis Indica plants that have closer THC and CBD amounts (thus ideal for enhancing medical benefits to the user), cannabis Sativa plants have high THC amounts and fewer amounts of THC. This means that these strains are ideal for recreational properties than medicinal.

We would like to note that the exact cannabinoid profiles of either Indica or Sativa plants depend on a specific strain. This is why it’s impossible to say that ALL Sativas or Indicas have this percentage of THC or CBD. Learn the differences between Sativa and Indica on this blog post.

Now, Green Crack auto-fem seeds or Purple power auto-fem seeds strains are ideal for the day time to keep your day shining, happy, and with energetic effects for yourself. The same case, of course applies to the New York Turbo Diesel auto-fem seeds. Keep your daytime as lively as possible and pleasure would all be yours.


Yes, there are three strains in this package but this doesn’t mean that you have to overspend to get the three strains.

Interestingly, these beans have up to 100% germination like the others in our website, and we ship them internationally for free.


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