Big Bud is a marijuana strain which is designed for commercial use. You will get a great harvest that is easy to grow. It takes a while before this extraordinary plant flowers, but the payout is worth the wait. Our Big Bud seeds are considered the best commercial seeds in the world. Try it and let it’s size surprise you.



Big Bud strain is great for people who want to grow in cool climates outdoors and still get a large yield. Big Bud has a gorgeous taste and smell which is somehow incredibly fruity, but musky at the same time. Some users report hints of garlic and other spices too, so this strain is certainly unique to say the least. Furthermore, Big Bud is very, very strong, delivering a heavy body high that risks leaving you couch locked for at least a few hours if you aren’t careful!

The best Big Bud seeds give rise to cannabis strains that can perfectly get consumed by potheads of every experience level as her amounts of Tetrahydrocannabinol range between 5 and 15%. This means that this is not that discriminative cannabis strain that best gets consumed by experienced connoisseurs.


Big Bud is actually a cross between Skunk and Afghan, which makes is simple to grow. It’s parentage also makes it very sturdy and so it is able to thrive in a fair number of difficult climates. Interestingly, it is both strong in its effects when smoked, and strong enough to withstand harsh conditions.

Regardless of where you come from, the best Big Bud seeds are typically what you’ll require to see pot plants flourishing in your farm, provided you subject her to the factors necessitating the ultimate growth of cannabis. Our grow guide truly comes handy here if you have uncertainties in having own pot at your cannabis farm.


Big Bud is unbelievably relaxing, and many of our customers claim it has helped them to overcome insomnia and other sleep issues. It will leave you feeling happy and uplifted but will soon after send you straight to sleep. Talk about sweet dreams! With a pretty high THC level of 15% this strain packs a big punch, so why not give it a try?

As she is Indica-dominant, this is the ultimate beauty that you should consider for the night time use. Wouldn’t you want to unwind after a long, tiresome day, anyway? We believe you do. Think of purchasing the best Big Bud seeds from AMS to get that perfect strain for your night time use.


This strain is one of the most impressive around. Don’t believe us? Well, there’s plenty of evidence to back this up. For example, Big Bud won the Cannabis Cup in 1989 – which, if you’ve been living under a rock, is a huge honor. This weed is award winning, so why wouldn’t you want to at least try your hand at growing it?


As we’ve said, Big Bud was created for commercial use, meaning it is easy to grow. As well as this, it delivers exceptionally large yields. If growing these seeds inside, you can expect a yield of around 600 grams per square meter of grow space. However, growing Big Bud outdoors is where you can really reap the rewards as it delivers a whopping 800 grams per meter squared.


The smoke of AMS Big Bud is smooth and the body high is very strong. The flavor resembles garlic, grapefruit and spices, with a sweet musky aftertaste. Big Bud is a type ganja created by crossing Skunk and Afghan. The combination of both makes these weed seeds easy to grow and resistant to almost anything: it’s a very strong plant.


Big Bud is the result of years of development: the refining started in the USA and continued in the 80’s in Amsterdam. Did you know Big Bud was the winner of the Cannabis Cup in 1989? It’s unique flavor and THC qualities are well known all around the world and is still in huge demand. A must have for the grower with high ambitious and great intentions.


The great Big Bud is an Indica Sativa hybrid with a durable happy high effect. One of our customers said: “It is the best go to sleep strain” I’ve ever smoked. Not really to smoke with friends. One puff and you’ll sleep like a baby. Because of it’s high THC level (15%) Big Bud is used to treat insomnia, anxiety or stress. The customer confirms: “It helped with my muscle tensions.”


Growing your own Big Bud is quite easy. Anyone can do it, even if you don’t have any prior experience with growing regular seeds or plants. You can have a successful crop of Big Bud, although sometimes this strain requires some extra attention. Check out our marijuana grow guide for help. By following the simple directions in this pamphlet, growing marijuana plants simply can’t go wrong.


The name says it all: no other plant produces more than Big Bud. That is why this strain is perfect for growing indoors and outdoors. A big production in a small grow space. Indoors you’ll be able to yield up to 600 grams per plant. Outdoors the harvest can be up to 800 grams per plant.


Big Bud will produce more than any other marijuana plant in the same space. This plant’s strains sometimes produce buds so big, the branches break due to the weight of the buds. So it is necessary to support your Big Bud strains with string, wire or support net, six weeks after planting your seeds. After all, it’s better to prevent than to cure.


Big Bud seeds from give you the best chance to grow your own massive marijuana champion. Growing conditions are crucial, but it’s the quality of the seed that is most important to grow a strong plant. The colossal pay off, in 10 weeks from sowing until harvest, remains the central characteristic of the Big Bud strain.

Thankfully, we over produce our Big Bud seeds for sale, so they’re almost always in stock, and with all due honesty, these beans are always in high demand; thus, you may need to place your order right away after reading this to avoid any instances of having to await restocking to happen.

Big Bud Strain Details


Big bud is a marijuana strain that is designed for commercial use. Big bud feminized cannabis seeds are 85% indica. It is detectable in plant structure and growth and is relaxing and intense. Feminized seeds flower and grow weed when they get less than 12 hours of light each day. Harvest outdoors in the fall or indoors after 15-20 weeks. If you are a professional grower, you can use these. Auto flower seeds grow small, easy-growing plants which you may harvest in 10-14 weeks.

They are great for new growers, multiple harvests, and small spaces per season. Germination is guaranteed if you soak these seeds in water for over 72 hours in darkness. When the tail shows, you put it in loose soil along with fertilizer. You can keep it light and damp, and the seedling will appear. Big bud feminized cannabis seed is known to cause upbeat, happy feelings but also relaxes the body deeply, making it quite a powerful strain for strong vibes.

Growers love the high-yielding marijuana seeds and often top the list for commercial growth and home gardens. Big Bud acquired its name from the huge buds that it produces. These buds also produce a spicy and earthy aroma which is competent in using sweet fruity flavors.

These feminine seeds make growing the huge buds easy for many growers. Big Bud is a strongly established marijuana strain. Though its exact origins are still unknown, there is quite a popular story behind it. As to marijuana history, it originated in the US during the last part of Nixon’s administration. Big Bud now remains popular for all growers because of the high yields. Staying true to the lineage as the Indica strain, big Bud delivers a deep full-body impact that will motivate you to relax.

Additional information



THC Level

Up to 15%





Yield Outdoor

Up to 800 grams / 28.2 ounces per sq meter

Height Indoor

Up to 170 cm / 66.9 inch

Flowering Time Indoor

9 weeks

Grow Difficulty



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