Aussie Blues strain gives you a strong, uplifting feeling. You are even close to feeling psychedelic. In short, this weed will make you hyperactive after you’ve taken a puff. So if you’re lacking the energy to finish a task, Aussie Blue is – as Australians would call it – totally ace!

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The Aussie Blues strain is a regular cannabis strain that is Sativa dominant with a dominance of up to 90% and 10% Indica. With moderate growing difficulty, the Aussie Blues is that fantastic ganja plant that best suits amateurs and newbies alike.

One of the stood out effects that our customers report to garner after consuming the Aussie Blues strain is that they mostly tend to get out of their thoughts in bewilderment typically because her potency is ideal for that experienced connoisseur like you.


Perhaps, we are sorry to let you know that you have been hiding under a massive rock if you haven’t ever heard of the Aussie Blues. Contrary to its name, Aussie Blues will never have you feeling sad. In fact, we guarantee that it’ll do quite the opposite. This strain is super powerful, so powerful that it often leaves users feeling as though they are having a near psychedelic experience. It induces euphoria and strong feelings of happiness, as well as supplying your body with piles and piles of energy to keep you going for hours.


This Aussie Blues strain is a cross of Blue Haze and has won multiple awards for being so fantastic. It is a potent as hell sativa dominant hybrid, with only a 10% indica content. This is why it has the ability to make those who consume it feel active and on top of the world. Aussie Blues is a gorgeous blend of the aforementioned Blue Haze, Azura, Light of Jah and Australian Blue. We know, sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?


Aussie Blue truly is one of the best strains around and it isn’t just because of how good it can make you feel, it actually has a whole variety of medicinal uses. From depression to chronic pain, Aussie Blues is able to relieve all sorts of issues. This one is ideal for recreation and medicine – how’s about that, mate!?


Growing the Aussie Blues strain certainly isn’t for the faint of heart as it is a little bit challenging to grow. However, if you stick with it, we promise you that you’ll reap fantastic rewards – and a heck load of weed! Aussie Blues seeds grow into mega high plants and they also result in a pretty good yield, boasting 425 grams per square meter when grown outside. You do have to be patient though, as this baby takes up to 12 weeks to bloom. It’s worth it though, honest!


Aussie Blues, another cross of Blue Haze, is a true award winner. The mother of this strain is Australian Bush, also known as Duck. A master breeder crossed her with the delicious taste and potency of our beloved Azura. And then crossed it again with our specially selected multiple award-winning Jack, which you might know better as Light of Jah.


This powerful Sativa dominant hybrid, the result of strain development and four selections, has a lemony smell and the growth potential of a winner. Aussie Blues seeds grow like a typical Sativa. No wonder, with a Sativa ratio of 90 percent versus 10 percent Indica. And you can see it in the measurements of this beautiful weed strain: outdoors it reaches sky-high, up to 2,5 meters!


Want to grow outside? Check the median low temperature in your area. If it drops below 17 degrees Celsius in the period between spring and fall, you should not even bother to grow this strain outdoors. When growing indoors, it’s best to sow Aussie Blues seeds on the soil to get that distinctive lemony flavour.

Aussie blue strain weed gives you an uplifting, strong feeling. You are close to feeling psychedelic. This weed gives you hyperactive feelings just after you have taken a puff. So if you lack the energy to finish any task, Aussie blue is what you need. Aussie Blue is quite a regular cannabis strain which is Sativa dominant having dominance of over 90% and 10% indica.

Having moderate growing difficulty, this weed is a fantastic ganja plant that suits amateurs and newbies. One of the standing-out effects our customers report garnering after having Aussie blues strain is that they tend to get out of the thoughts in bewilderment most because the potency is ideal for the experienced ones as well.

Aussie Blue strain is the cross of Blue haze and has won many awards for being fantastic. It is a potent sativa dominant hybrid having only 10% indica content. This is why it can make those who consume it feel very active and over the world. Aussie blues is a beautiful blend of Haze, Light of Jah, Azura, and Australian Blue.

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THC Level

Up to 20%





Yield Outdoor

Up to 425 grams / 15 ounces per sq meter

Height Indoor

Up to 250 cm / 98.4 inch

Flowering Time Indoor

10 – 12 weeks

Grow Difficulty



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