White Widow is without a doubt one of the strongest and most successful commercialized cannabis strains on the market today. This highly popular weed can be found at the top of every Dutch coffee shop menu. Actually, that is not quite a surprise, since the White Widow strain is the most famous and recognized strain in the world.



White Widow marijuana has a very strong spice. While smoking, you discover the fresh and clean pine taste with a subtle, lingering and very pleasant citrus flavor after each hit. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds (AMS) white weed gives a strong high that is powerful and energetic at the same time. Therefore White Widow is an all-day smoker, social and completely satisfying.

There is no literally better time to take your favorite hit of the White Widow Cannabis seeds. As she is Indica hybrid, day time or night time is ideal for taking her hit. She is also short and bushy, and the indoor heights are one of the shortest, being a measly 60cm, while the outdoor heights go up to 170cm.


The original White Widow strain was created using a pure Sativa landrace from Brazil and was pollinated by an Indica hybrid from southern India. Since it’s original release, especially after winning the Cannabis Cup, White Widow became notorious very fast. The seeds of the queen of marijuana have been spread out all over the world, which has led to a variety of plants.

Our master breeder did his level best to see to it that our White Widows strain seeds was an ultimate improvement of the original. Today, our packets of the White Widow Marijuana seeds is among our top-sellers, and we can attribute the same to the efforts made during the improvement stage. Under very rare circumstances does our customer buy these seeds and fail to circle back for more the next growing season. Hopefully, you will join the list of the ballooning number of White Widow cannabis fanatics.


White weed for all purposes said before, the buzz of White Widow is powerful and energetic yet social. Be prepared for a strong high. However, the White Widow strain is especially wonderful for anxiety users simultaneously, because of it’s instant calming effects. Smoking white weed can help with migraines, PMS symptoms and other chronic pains.

Necessarily, should you be in the quest to find a strain that can deliver for both medical and recreational benefits, then think of grabbing a packet of the White Widows strain seeds, as we are certain that, yes! She will satisfy what typically you will be going for.


White Widow is considered medium height, strong, versatile and due to it’s high resistance to mold, easy to grow. Even if you just start out, you can grow a successful harvest of White Widow bud. The plant is known for the astonishingly look. White Widow buds are covered in crystals, giving it an almost sugared look. So, now you know where the name comes from.

We find it worthwhile to let you know that this beauty requires her space and attention. This is not the seedling you will transplant and wait for luck to locate her and keep her growing. No single weed strain is like so, anyway. That said, after you germinate your White Widow seeds, ensure that the seedling get spaced adequately as her bushy nature makes her “envious” when the branches linger with the nearby branches. Make her free for optimum growth.

Secondly, watering and the provision of nutrients need to be on point. You can supplement coffee grounds organic fertilizer with some marijuana fertilizer to let her have sufficient nutrients.

Additional information



THC Level

Up to 23%





Yield Outdoor

Up to 650 grams / 22.9 ounces per sq meter

Height Indoor

Up to 170 cm / 66.9 inch

Flowering Time Indoor

8 – 9 weeks

Grow Difficulty



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