Great 2022 Cannabis Harvest

This year is called the great 2022 cannabis harvest. We have seeds galore coming out of small controlled grows in British Columbia. Though the marijuana harvest season is just starting for the earliest flowering auto cannabis varieties, seed production is looking good because the new Auto Strains by Crop King Seeds are so big and awesome. It’s going to be a wonderful grow season in 2023 with all these kick butt strains finishing up in fall 2022. So make sure to buy your favourite seeds strains while they have stock. Often, many great strains are there and the next day they’re sold out for another cycle. So when you see the strains you really want to grow, snap them up immediately so you get what you want.

Crop King Seeds

Quality Cannabis Genetics Makes A Huge Difference

There’s a huge difference in quality of cannabis genetics, so always grow from the best. When you grow superior BC Seeds genetics you’ll get more.  You’l get more yields if growing for marijuana buds and you’ll get up to triple the weight in seeds if grown for seed. There’s nothing like fat ripe cannabis seeds with some heft. That’s why so many advanced growers only grow using BC Seeds genetics. They’re the leaders in cannabis breeding and you’ll get outstanding results like none other.

Let Us Know About Your 2022 Yields

Did you grow for bud or for seed this year? We want to hear what our fellow humans are up to this year and your plans for the 2023 cannabis grow, indoor and outdoor. So hit up your bong and hit us up with your doings. You can reach us here for leaving your thoughts and comments. Feel free to talk or ask about anything. We can’t wait to hear from you. Cannabis is such an amazing plant and we’re so glad that this 2022 year marijuana harvest is going so well. Have an amazing harvest and take great care of each other and fellow humans alike. Spread your love like you spread the seeds of cannabis to make life greener for all roaming the earth.

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