Homegrown Craft Marijuana Makes Better Tasting Buds

Craft growing makes better tasting buds. It’s the little man that pays close attention to details and quality that grow the best bud, using the latest cannabis strain breakthrough’s. BC Seeds is the only seed bank on the cutting edge. They have crafted Sky Heaven bud, the world’s strongest strain.

Corporate weed is not good

Have you even tried to drink a major branded beer and then compared it to a craft beer? There’s no comparison in quality. Many corporations fill their beer with corn sugar and rice. A craft beer is brewed with high quality hops and is an all-malt beer, no fructose added here. It’s light comparing night and day.

No bulk warehouse grow can beat a craft grower that choose top notch strains and then grow it to organic perfection. When you grow small you can keep pests and insects in check without using poisonous pesticides. The next time you ever think about buying bud, you may want to support your local craft grower and never give your funds to greedy corporations. Even better, grow your own craft marijuana and enjoy bud with a richer taste and smoother smoke.


Crop King Seeds


Popular Strains For Craft Growing

Craft Marijuana

Strawberry Ice


Jackberry Feminized

Jackberry Feminized

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