Candy Shop Combo Pack

Satisfy your sweet tooth with the irresistible strains in this Candy Shop Combo pack. Here are some sweets you can indulge in without guilt. This combo pack has a variety of both nighttime and daytime use strains. The delicious flavors and aromas of these strains will whet your palate for the attack of munchies coming your way after a few tokes.

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Buy our Candy Shop Combo Pack and save a ton of money on the sweetest strains out there. You couldn’t ask for a sweeter deal! See the great sweet strains included in our combo pack below:

Candy Kush

Candy Kush produces an unusually high amount of THC. The effects are more cerebral than on your body and will deliver strong feelings of euphoria. Many people use it as a night time medication or in the evenings due to the powerful, trance-like high.

Let that ailment disturbing you come to a halt with our Candy Kush feminized seeds strain.

Bon Bon D’Amour feminized

Our Seed Lab has created Bonbon d’Amour by crossing Mangolicious with Light of Jah. The result is a Sativa dominant strain. This feminized seed comes with uplifting, energetic, and euphoric effects. It has a speedy flowering time and a generous yield thanks to the Big Bud genetics coming from Mangolicious.

If you love mangoes, then the Bon Bon D’Amour feminized seeds grass produce such an aroma, thanks to the characteristics of the used Mangolicious aroma used in the crossing.

Girl Scout Cookies XTRM feminized

With a sweet and earthy aroma, Girl Scout Cookies marijuana launches you to the top floor of dreamland where full-body relaxation meets a time-bending cerebral space. Girl Scout weed is the perfect medicine for stress, lack of appetite, pain, but the strain suits a perfect party as well. Be happy, enjoy the company of those around you, and don’t forget to bake some cookies before inviting your friends over – the munchies are coming!

Oh, fantastic tasty cookies from the Girl Scout Cookies XTRM feminized seeds, we give you strains for making tasty and aromatic cannabis cookies.


We are pot seeds company that has been in the business since 1996. For the more than 2 decades we have been in the business, we have gone above and beyond to perfect ourselves, and this explains why we seamlessly provide a 90% germination guarantee across any of the pot seeds on our websites.

The trialling periods came to an end aeons ago, and we can confidently tell you that the Candy Kush feminized seeds and the others you will find on this package will help you towards garnering bumper reaps, in addition to making your growing journey as straightforward as possible.

While these beans have an easy-to-manoeuvre growing difficulty, it is also worth telling you that your attention is needed and that the way you subject it here will have a contextual impact on the overall aroma and taste of the weed. Some of the ways you can ensure that your candy tastes and smells great include using the low-stress training technique, use of UV cannabis grow lights, and use of coffee grounds as fertilizers. Coffee grounds feed the microorganisms in the soil, leading to proper aeration in the soil; thus, improving aromas and flavor. Use these during the final weeks of the cannabis flowering phase.


Your taste buds need to get treated from time to time and we should do it at least differently this time around. Did you know that our Candy Combo Pack comprises grasses that guarantee just that?

Well, this package consists of those strains that give a guarantee that you are getting that candy-like sensation. While at it, please don?t smoke any strain in this package in the nearness of children. The alluring aroma will tempt them to take hit, absolutely. While at it, if you love cannabis hotboxing, then you can be sure that these are your go-to options every other time. These grasses emit loads of heavenly smokes that make your fellow potheads to yearn for more hotboxing sessions.


We get it, we love it more when we get an ROI when shopping online and also ploughing back a couple of savings, and we guess it is so with you. Well, this Candy Shop combination package gives a guarantee that you will have saved several bucks in more than two ways.


What types of seeds are in this package?

All the three strains in this package are feminized in nature. This gives you a guarantee that you will be getting only female plants. This is entirely fantastic for you if you are not looking forward to being a cannabis breeder.

The critical benefit with feminized beans is that they give rise to more massive yields than their regular and autoflowering counterparts.

Additionally, please note that these are photoperiod cannabis plants and not autoflowers. Hopefully, this clarifies it even though these plants have a relatively short flowering phase.

How will I know each strain?

That’s so easy. We label the strain seeds in such a way that you will be knowing what strain to expect in what package. That way, you can subject each ganja plant to its respective growing necessities to see to it that you are getting the best from each plant.

For emphasis, these are the strains you will expect in this variety pack.

    • 5 Candy Kush feminized seeds
    • 5 feminized Girl Scout Cookies XTRM beans
    • 5 Bon Bon D’amour feminized seeds.



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