Silver & Gold Combo Pack

As precious as silver and gold, the incredible strains in this combo pack are desired by everyone. Here?s your golden opportunity to get a variety of strains with extreme potency and buds that are prize-worthy. The Silver & Gold Combo pack provides an assortment of both indica and sativa dominant strains so that you can cover all your bases. Don?t settle for bronze when you can have silver and gold!

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Buy our Gold and Silver Combo pack and get the winning combination of seeds you need for an award winning cannabis garden!


Under normal circumstances, winners from different competitions aim for gold, followed by silver, and then bronze. Now, it is the same case within the cannabis context. Even though we have bred all the cannabis strains mentioned on our website ourselves, others have over-performed in different aspects such as looks and delivery.

This is why you have our number 1s and 2 incorporated on our Silver and Gold combo pack. Yes, all strains on our website are pure gold across the growers and the final connoisseurs, but hey, here come three top winners.

420 Carat feminized

420 Carat Feminized is pure gold among the cannabis strains like her name gives away. This special strain produces massive buds and high yields that will not leave you disappointed. 420 Carat Feminized is a gorgeous plant that gives you a spacey high and stoned feeling at the same time.

Do you know if you have the 420 Carat feminized seeds strain in the next 420 weed holiday you will carry the day? This strain has intense aromas that can be felt a distant place apart. This means that if you are near fellow potheads, they can actually tend to be tempted to put off their joints to fancy what your beauty has to offer. Try out this golden strain along with the others in this package and you will keep coming back for more.

Super Silver Haze feminized

Our Super Silver Haze version is very potent. Better harvest, easier to grow, and healthier plants. This type of Super Silver Haze is an outstanding masterpiece of cannabis cultivation. In this strain, you will find a well-balanced mix of the equal genes that, throughout the world, are considered the be the most dominant Sativa ever known to man.

See, we have not called these beans silver but Super Silver Haze feminized seeds. Perhaps you have an idea of what the term super implies. Now, if you are interested in silvery weed, then this strain should be coming to your mind. Well, this beautiful queen does not only have looks to offer but an average of 24% THC, massive shiny buds, and of course, heavy yields. Legendary stuff for potheads worth their salt. Don?t amuse us that we are wrong to classify you among those!

Pot of Gold feminized

At the end of every rainbow, there?s a pot of gold. It’s a very lucky person who finds it. This treasure was the inspiration for the Pot of Gold seeds. There are many reasons to try these pot seeds, especially if you have trouble sleeping. The Pot of Gold strain takes you to a deeper dimension, to a mythical place where leprechauns live.

There is, of course, a critical reason why we called these beans the pot of gold feminized seeds – this strain is pure gold among connoisseurs. Yielding up to 600gms per square meter of indoor harvests and 900gms per square meter of outdoor yields, a commercial grower will undeniably never go wrong when cultivating these top-selling plants. Lest you forget, this is a rare strain and is her ultimate home. The demand for these beans is always high and we never know – they could be sold out the next time. That said, be sure to order this Silver and gold mix pack asap and be among the customers who will be lucky to have this golden variety.


Allow us to toot our horn as we celebrate this milestone because our Silver and Gold mix pack is the best you can ever find. See, the 420 Carat feminized seeds and Super Silver feminized seeds are truly supreme and convey the ultimate definition for kingly traits. When we come to the pot of gold fem seeds strain, you find that very strain guaranteeing all the best characteristics you can ever find from a single cannabis strain.

All this is thanks to our experience that we have garnered over the 20+ years we have been in the business and the smart work done by our breeders, led by our master breeder, Relaximo.

Just like any other cannabis beans mentioned on our website, we offer a germination guarantee of 90%, which means that all our seeds are bound to germinate.


Looking for potent cannabis plants that will enable you go all-out and exploit all your growing capabilities? Our Silver and Gold Combo pack comprise the strains that exhibit exploits. They are not the ordinary strains with penny-sized buds, compromised amounts of THC, nor crappy yields. Gold and silver are majestic names and expecting magnificence is an understatement.

While at this, please note that these strains have varied indoor and outdoor yields, and tend to be best when planted outdoors per growing season, if yields are the factor to go by when buying the seeds. Nonetheless, you can reap more annual yields when grown indoors as opposed to outdoors for the obvious reason – multiple harvests in a year emanating from the fact that there is no waiting for any specific growing season.


We get it that you wish the delivery process to be as fast as possible after you shop for anything online. The same case applies to us and we deliver our Silver Gold Combo mix pack together with the other beans mentioned on our website for free, fast, and in crushproof packaging materials. We are at your service.


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