Cup Winner Combo Pack

This pack contains a superior combination of prize-winning strains. The Cup Winner Comp Pack represents several of the finest marijuana genetics available. They have beat out their competition to come out on top, so you know you are getting the cream of the crop with these strains. Test them out for yourself and be amazed!

Our cup winner seeds pack comprise 15 seeds, where there are three different feminized strains. Below is how we have included the beans:

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5 x Mega Jackpot Feminized Seeds

One thing is certain about our Mega Jackpot feminized seeds – you will be like winning the mega jackpot when you plant this strain (gamblers know this right). The yields are massive and the strain has a moderate growing difficulty. Ideal for amateurs and amateurs when growing and smoking the stash as well.

5 x White Widow XTRM Feminized Seeds

Perhaps you know much about the White Widow XTRM feminized seeds, thanks to our consistently updated blog section, and specifically for a fact that we have an entire blog post tailored explicitly towards educating you about our WW strain. We won’t dive deeper into details here – get the nitty-gritty of this strain on that very write-up.

5 x Amnesia Trance Feminized Seeds

Amnesia Trance feminized seeds, beans that give rise to a typical 65% Sativa hybrid; fantastic for keeping the day in high notes, with a sensation of happiness and saying goodbye to Social Anxiety Disorder. It would have been an utter disrespect to fail to include these seeds on the cup winner feminized combo pack!


This is all but our creativity that saw to it that we came up with a list of feminized cannabis seeds that have won the trippiest cannabis seeds records. Necessarily, you will be associating yourself with winners when you go for the cup winner seeds.

Lest you forget, we also offer free shipping worldwide, where we use crush-proof envelopes before releasing your feminized Cup Winner Combo pack seeds with a 90% germination guarantee.


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