Outdoor Combo Pack

Enjoy the great outdoors by growing your plants under the sun, the way nature intended. This Outdoor Combo Pack has you covered with both indica and sativa dominant strains. These strains are all very high in THC and host great flavor profiles. Harness the power of the sun by growing outdoors and watch your plants grow big and strong with much higher yields than growing indoors.

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Buy our Outdoor Combo Pack and get a great deal on the best outdoor strains!


As the pothead worth the salt you are, there is literally no reason why anyone should not be in a position to know that you are one, provided growing pot is legal in your state. One of the ways to keep on keeping in this scope and eventually embracing the cannabis culture is through the growing of outdoor cannabis plants.

Thankfully, we have incorporated the UTTER BEST outdoor strains in this outdoor combo to make your neighbors and those who pass near your pot farm accord you the maddest respect you will ever need. These grasses are extremely fragrant, the buds are massive, the colors stand out, and everything about them is on point. We are not only looking forward to providing you with strains that exactly deliver but also make you in a position to command respect and attract more budding growers to be growers.

With that in point, we have done a couple of sentences for the descriptions of these strains, and should you need the full description, just click on each of the three strains and you will get a complete overview of what kinds of strains you will expect from this outdoor mix pack.

Durban Poison feminized

Imported from South Africa produced in Holland. One of the few 100% Sativa strains. A very stable plant with long leaves. Durban Poison produces large and long resin-covered buds. Durban Poison has a sweet licorice taste and a very uplifting high. The perfect outdoor plant for milder climates.

The aroma of Durban Poison feminized seeds strains is not your ordinary, and seriously, don’t grow this plant near social amenities, lest you seduce fellow potheads to steal your weed or even make children get interested to pluck this dope with a sweet licorice smell and flavor.

Super Silver Haze feminized

Our Super Silver Haze version is very potent. Better harvest, easier to grow, and healthier plants. This type of Super Silver Haze is an outstanding masterpiece of cannabis cultivation. In this strain, you will find a well-balanced mix of the equal genes that, throughout the world, are considered the be the most dominant Sativa ever known to man.

Are you interested in feeling super today? Then our Super Silver feminized seeds will give you the perfect example of what an ultimate typical Sativa has to offer during the day.

O.G. Kush feminized

This indica-dominant hybrid hits the sweet spot when it comes to taste and effect. You’ll find out this strain has a bright euphoria that puts a smile on your face, even when couch-locked. When smoking, internal reflection is a normal effect of OG weed. Its cerebral effects make the OG strain the perfect meditative variety of cannabis.

The towering outdoor height of the O.G. Kush feminized seeds plants – up to 220cm to be specific is one of the factors that make this strain such famous for outdoor growers. With such heights, one can see these plants from distant places. And of course, nothing will beat your pride that as they approach, their arms will be akimbo as they admire the work of your creation! A powerhouse of the longest height doubled with great effects and aroma/flavor.


While the indoor growing of pot comes packed with a bunch of advantages such as the ultimate control of one’s pot growth, there are standing out benefits of outdoor growth of marijuana that you need to know.

Firstly, our outdoor combo pack strains will use water, air, and sun, while in the case of indoor growing, there will be the usage of excessive electricity, which means that a lot of energy will get consumed; thus, not environmentally friendly. Do you love mother nature? Strike a balance and go for Durban feminized seeds, O.G. Kush feminized seeds, and Super Silver Haze feminized seeds.

Secondly, it’s a no brainer that you will expect heavier yields with these outdoor growers, which is of course fantastic for you if you are a commercial grower.

Thirdly, you will have high-quality buds, thanks to the fresh air, ample sunlight, and the blessings of the natural soil. At the end of it all, the quality of the weed will be fantastic, you will save a lot since most of the growing necessities are naturally available, and the tasty nature of the weed will get enhanced.


Life doesn’t have to be dull at any given moment. Do you have some precious memories in your mind and would like to get a hold of each memory? Then we?ll give you a secret. Head over to YouTube and listen to this song, Precious Memories by Alan Jackson while sober.

Now, take over your stash of any of these three strains or all, and go camping, sit around some medium heat campfire, or hiking. Head over once more to YouTube and replay ?Precious Memories? as you recollect all the precious memories that have ever happened in your life as you smoke your stash of these strains. I tell you the feeling is heavenly. P.S: I am mentally clear as I write this description while seated in my caravan as I fancy how precious life is.

This is to let you know that our outdoor strains are not only ideal for outdoor cultivation, but also for that pothead who wishes to smoke some dope outdoors as they involve themselves with what the outside world and mother nature have to offer. Conversely, if you are interested in finding cannabis strains that are ideal for indoor cultivation and smoking or hotboxing, then visit our indoor combo pack.

Lest you forget, we offer free shipping worldwide and are looking forward to delivering our outdoor combo pack to you as soon as possible. Stuck anywhere? Contact us through our support.


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