Just as its name reflects, boogie night strain is best for hanging out in the night. It is like a disco ball that reflects light and can be a good source of fun. Its parent strain Kalijah and Juanita gave this strain an energizing effect.

After the consumption of this strain, you will feel like a party, enjoying yourself with friends, and just after a few intakes of this sweet and spicy strain will keep your energy at another level and also give you a feeling of social and creativeness. Apart from this, it is also ideal for medicinal purposes as it contains a high CBD level. Unlike other strains, it prefers dry and warm weather and is not suitable for wet or damped weather conditions. It can grow well indoors as it does not have many branches over it. The strain produced beautifully dense eye-catchy buds under correct weather conditions.


You must try the taste of boogie night strain to get ultimate energy or mood like enjoying a party.

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You’ll feel like the life of the party after consuming this strain. Just a few tokes of this sweet and spicy strain and the cerebral high will keep you feeling social and creative. Not only will Boogie Nights turn even the biggest introvert an extrovert, but it’s a great medicinal strain as well thanks to its high CBD levels.

Boogie Nights is a strain that grows well indoors as it stays relatively small and does not branch out a lot. When it is planted outdoors, it prefers dry, warm climates. It does not fare well in wet and humid environments. This strain produces beautiful dense and colorful buds under the right growing conditions.

Get your hands on some Boogie Nights seeds if you’re looking for a strain to keep your energy high and the party going strong!

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