Indoor Combo Pack

Planting indoors means that you can grow marijuana all year round and that is exactly what we all love to do. We have chosen strains for this Indoor Combo Pack that grow very well indoors so that you can always have a supply. These strains are great for both medical and recreational use so it?s a combo pack for anyone and everyone.

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Buy our INDOOR FEMINIZED MIX PACK and get your indoor hydro grow on!  From the name, you can guess that our indoor combo pack comprises the ganja plants that do the best indoors. In fact, the strain with the least indoor yields in this package yields up to 500gms per square meter, which is to the greatest extent high amounts of yields from an indoor growing space.

While also growing the strains in this indoor cannabis seeds variety pack, you will also be happy to benefit from the different merits of growing cannabis indoors. In a recap, let’s look at the standing out pros of indoor growing of cannabis.


Firstly, you have the ability to control the growing environment. See, there are loads of uncertainties with outdoor growth and adverse weather conditions take a long toll of the menace. With indoor growing, there is no much worry about excessive sunlight damaging your crops or even intense winds.

Secondly, white powdery, molds, and caterpillars tend to be a major threat to fluorishing cannabis plants. If, for instance, you had gone the outdoors way, you may carefully to tend to your pot plants, but as ill-luck would have it, a lazy neighbor somewhere could have their farm getting affected by any of these nuisances. The chances are these, especially caterpillars could end up attacking your plants. Conversely, if you go the indoors way, then there is no much worry about cannabis predators accessing the plants, and in case they do, insecticides would do.

Thirdly, you are not controlled by seasons as opposed to the outdoor cultivation of pot. While at this, you have the guarantee that you can have multiple harvests in a single year as compared to the outdoor growing set up. If you are a commercial pot grower, then you have the assurance that you will keep up with the demand from every other pothead. Let the next 420 weed holiday shine for you with these three indoor cannabis strains, and specifically as you satisfy your taste buds, friends, or even customers.


Lastly, let’s look at the economic sense of growing our indoor combination package strains. Well, it is no brainer that the costs in indoor growing are high. Despite having the growing structure, there will always be continual running costs such as electricity for lighting the plants, more staff as compared to outdoor growth, et al. However, there is a catch here…you will be bound to harvest so many times in a single year that you will recoup your bucks in no time. So nice!

Be sure to seize this opportunity that avails itself while growing the three strains on our feminized indoor combination package.

Happy Haze feminized

This strain is a Haze derived strain with effects that are extremely euphoric. Happy Haze offers a clear-headed high, but after some time you will begin to notice its Indica effects kick in. You will feel extremely energetic and productive at the same time. Happy Haze has been used by patients to treat several conditions including glaucoma, anxiety, depression, and stress.

From the name, you can clearly guess that Happy Haze feminized seeds are typical Sativas as Sativa cannabis plants get associated with the potential to guarantee a happy sensation. That said keep your day in high notes while being extremely happy from pot. While at this, you will be also happy that this is among the robust Sativa strains that yield up to 700gms per square meter indoors.

Number 14 feminized

This strain is a mix between Blueberry Indica x Night Nurse. Inside or out this hybrid has got everything you are looking for in a strain, rock hard buds, and a delicious blueberry scent that makes you want to go back to your growing area over and over again.

Number 14 feminized seeds plants deliver the best when cultivated indoors as well as outdoors. She is among the few strains that clock the 500gms per square meter of indoor yields, and we found it worthwhile to include her on this list.

Pineapple Express feminized

Pineapple Express seeds are a Sativa dominant hybrid, developed by our master breeders. When your plants are ready to harvest, you are rewarded with a very valuable product. Pineapple weed gives an uplifting head and body high. The scent is sweet, like pineapple and berries, but skunky. The flavor is a kushy and tangy flavor, just like you are enjoying juicy delicious exotic fruit.

If you are like me (hating pharmaceutical drugs), then taking a hit of dope to address the pain points rocks. And not just any other weed strain, but fantastically tasting cannabis such as the Pineapple express feminized seeds grass. Make use of your indoor environment with this medicinal strain today.


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