Cheese weed is known for it’s sharp, sour aroma: that’s where the name comes from. This marijuana is great for chilling with friends and it’s perfect for medical use as well. A cheese strain grows into the weirdest and funniest cannabis available, guaranteed to make you laugh. Smoking cheese weed gives a strong body high and a long-lasting happy giggle. Smile and say cheese.


Cheese marijuana seeds are the best for the newbie grower. Are you starting out as a medical marijuana user and do you want to grow your own weed?  You will see that cheese seeds are among the most affordable and easy to grow strains available in our seed shop. It’s a bit potent, so make sure you have pain on the upper scale as a sativa might be more beneficial for lighter pain levels.


The other reason why this is the best option for you is Cheese strain seeds grow to produce high yields. In fact, Cheese strain is likely to give you a harvest of approximately 700-1100 grams per sq. meter.

Cheese marijuana strain is rich in indica with 65% and the remaining 35% are reserved for sativa. Whether you are starting to taste weed today or you started many years ago, you will realize that Cheese marijuana strain has a distinctively sharp and sour aroma. Because of the aroma, the name cheese is fitting.

You can take Cheese marijuana strain with friends. Besides, you can derive medicinal value from mature Cheese marijuana seeds.

Cheese has a THC level of 20 -30%, which is enough to create the high you want.

Taking it on a regular basis means you will be high, happy, and relaxed. You will not cause chaos when with family and friends. In addition, Cheese strain will help you attain the strong and energetic body, which many weed users crave for. Finally, if your body is used to it, you will always say, “Cheese!”

The History Behind Cheese Seeds

To create and breed cheese marijuana seeds, we follow the same conventional route that requires breeding of two popular marijuana breeds namely Super Skunk and Master Kush. The result is a highly potent cross-bread that will help you attain the desired ecstasy for as long as you want.

When our cannabis field experts mix the two popular strains properly, the result is a strain with a pungent aroma. In addition, Cheese features an earthy flavor, which is perhaps the main reason many of our clients make huge orders.

The smell as well as the taste of this marijuana strain is clearly out of this world.  Finally, if grown following the advice from industry experts, the plant will grow to attain large healthy buds.

Growing Information

We recommend indoor or outdoor cultivation of this strain. However, you should beware that depending on where you grow your cheese weed seeds, you will get low ort high yield.

When grown indoors, Cheese stalks will attain a height of some 31.5 inches or 80 centimeters at maturity. During harvest time, you are likely to get up to 24.7 oz or 700 grams of Cheese for every square meter.


However, you are likely to harvest more when you plant Cheese strain seeds outdoors. Upon attaining a height of some 82.7 inches or 210 centimeters, you can start to harvest your weed. At this time, you can smile your way to the store with some 1100 grams/38.8 oz from a well-cultivated square meter.

Flowering of growing Cheese seeds starts at the eighth to the tenth week after germination. Late crops will start to flower at the end of the tenth month.  The ideal month for harvesting is September/October, before the cold season starts.

If you are just starting out to grow weed, this is the best option. Cheese strain seeds will not give you problems during germination, the growing process or even when harvesting and storing.

You Need To Grow Cheese Strain

Like most marijuana strains, your Cheese seeds need sufficient water. This does no matter whether you grow your plants indoors or outdoors. However, when you grow your crops outdoors, you may really not have the power to control the weather.

Additionally, Cheese marijuana strain needs quality fertilizer along with good farming practices. The only thing you need to avoid is the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides especially when you are nearing harvest time. If you apply harsh chemicals to your weed a few weeks to harvest time, there are high chances the yield will have harmful chemicals, something that will surely affect the user.

Why Buy From US?

We ensure you get high-quality seeds. We stock and sell highly-assorted marijuana seeds. Besides, we guarantee you free worldwide delivery as long as you have remitted the payment for our seeds.

Additional information



THC Level

Up to 21%





Yield Outdoor

Up to 1100 grams / 38.8 ounces per sq meter

Height Indoor

Up to 210 cm / 82.7 inch

Flowering Time Indoor

8 – 10 weeks

Grow Difficulty



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