Outdoor marijuana bulk seeds is a combination of different marijuana seeds of strains that are quite easy to grow outside. You can just plant and come back to harvest with minimal up keep.

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Happy outdoor marijuana bulk seeds Are you a marijuana enthusiast and new to growing? Not sure what’s your strain yet and don’t want to waste your hard-earned money on an expensive strain when testing out your green thumb potential? We have just the thing for you!


Our outdoor marijuana bulk seeds are loaded with various types of strains that are fairly easy to grow. The composition of this mix of outdoor seeds changes regularly. What’s in it? That`s a surprise! Maybe you will grow a powerful White Widow, a wonderful fragrant Thai Skunk or a fat round leafed Afghan. Who knows?!

Our outdoor seeds are regular in nature, and this means that you can expect to find both males and females. If you love cloning your favorite marijuana plant, then this is the happy outdoor mix package that will get you going. There is essentially no reason as to why you should fail to have your own clones in the forthcoming marijuana growing seasons.


One thing is certain with our regular outdoor mix seeds – the specific seeds come from our cheap seeds category. With that in mind, the final price will undeniably be pocket-friendly.

However, there is something we need to be clear about here…despite the prices being affordable, the quality is always the same – weed seeds with a 90% germination guarantee. Wouldn’t you be happy to have a guarantee that you will be getting a ROI when you buy your packet of regular outdoor seeds?


While we’re at it, we currently have a price discount for those customers who value privacy and have adopted the Blockchain Technology. This is to tell you that whenever you pay for your outdoor regular seeds using Bitcoins and other forms of cryptos, you will be in position to save a whopping 10% off your packet. Feels good, huh?

Whenever you have a query about our outdoor marijuana bulk seeds, please be in the know that nothing gives an adorable smile to our Customer Support than addressing a customer’s concern. That said, should you have any query about these beauties, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


Right. A lot gets said about the advantages of growing pot indoors, and that may have left you at crossroads on whether to buy the outdoor seeds or go the indoors way. However, allow us to tell you this spoiler alert. As much as there is irresistible growing control over one’s plants when they opt to go the indoors way, the yields are at most circumstances higher outdoors as compared to indoors. Perhaps you will be happy to garner more yields as compared to the ease-in-control nature of outdoor pot plants. It all narrows down to your taste and preference.

Besides, you won’t have to meet the hassle associated with intense attention associated with the controlling of indoor grow lights. There is slightly lesser time and expenses used when grown indoors as the sunlight can save one’s electricity bills big time, and the amounts needed to set up an indoor growing medium.


Take your first steps on the path to becoming a breeder with this widely varied mix! We are happy to tell you that for the more than 20 years we have been in the business selling cannabis bean such as outdoor mix seeds, the breeding process is one of the most enjoyable. You can come up with your best strain at any time of the day, and guess what? You will get recognized worldwide as the mastermind behind that very plant. Wouldn’t you wish you name to be such recognizable by every other pothead?

Buy your weed seeds here and we’ll guarantee the delivery and free worldwide shipping. Just starting out with growing seed? Read our Marijuana Growing Guide.

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