THC SEEDS Old School Perfection

THC SEEDS is an old seed bank with Old School Strains bred to Perfection. There are many new strain created each year but sometimes you crave for the classics. THC Seeds has created some really amazing classic strains that are still in demand decades later by recreational smokers. Moreover, sophisticated breeders seek out THC Seeds strains for creating new strains. The love working with old school strains by THC Seeds because they’re so stabilized with no surprises.

Cutting Edge Old School Cannabis Strains

THC Seeds has cutting edge old genetics because they’re constantly improved upon. Their THC and cannabinoid profile is fine tuned but never changed, so you get that same classic taste and awesome high. They also focus on stability, for a uniform height across the male plants and female plants. It makes it better for growing indoors.

Old School Seeds For Hydro

When you grow old school strains indoors in hydro, like classic Northern Lights, you get a uniform height. This makes for a tidy and efficient grow room. You won’t need to adjust the height of your lights. This allows energy savings as all plants are at an optimal distance with peak efficiency.


If you’re looking for a solid and reputable seed bank than THC Seeds and an excellent choice. With a long history and quality genetics known the world over, it’s a perfect choice for you as a recreational smoker. For those on the cutting edge of cannabis breeding, you’ll want to order from THC Seeds because you’ll be starting your breeding program with the highest quality genetics. Genetics that are so stable, tasty and proven. Making your next marijuana grow  a massive success. Your dreams of THC amber crystals covering the entire plant, even to the tips largest fan leaves will become your reality.  So enjoy growing old school cannabis strains from THC Seeds and get some classic growing in your garden this year!

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