Top 5 marijuana edible strains

Whether you like to smoke marijuana or use dabs of cannabis, the homemade edibles from weeds will give you the best sensation. Nowadays, marijuana has found its place in the kitchen of different households. While some consumers prefer Sativa edibles, others like Indica. CBD smoothies, THC-spiked dressings, and several other options are available to ingest weeds.Find a list of delectable marijuana edible strains that have become highly popular in the market.

Marijuana Edible Strains


White Widow


The Indica strain can make you feel euphoric and a bit sleepy. The peppery flavor has won the heart of several consumers. The White Widow strain is perfect for those who like to chill out. Moreover, it increases your energy level throughout the day. But, the strain may make you thirsty, and you like to drink a good amount of water. You can make edibles with this marijuana strain.


OG Kush


It belongs to the Kush family, and due to its distinctive flavor, it has allured several marijuana consumers. The classic strain has a lovely pine-like flavor. It is best for those who do not prefer the harsh pepper taste. You can add this marijuana strain to your sweet dishes, including brownies. The savory quality of the strain will let you choose it as one of the best marijuana edibles.

However, as OG Kush has a high THC concentration, you have to maintain the dosage. It causes the desired physiological and mental effects.


Blue Dream


With a 1:1 ratio of Indica and Sativa, Blue Dream is a perfect hybrid strain that you can use as edibles. You can alleviate your stress and lift your mood. It is easy to identify the strain due to their long and thick amber hairs. Moreover, there are crystalline buds with glistening trichomes. As you consume Blue Dream, you will get a fruity, sugary taste. Blue Dream cookies also make you more creative. The strain leaves a lasting effect, and it is easy to grow in almost any climate.


Sour Diesel


This marijuana strain belongs to the Chemdawg family, and it produces big resinous buds. The rosy hues of the buds indicate that it is the right time for harvesting. Reserva Privada created this clone with multiple backcrosses to increase the stability of the strain. Within 10 weeks, Sour Diesel becomes ready for harvesting.

Sour Diesel has pungent, skunky nature. It smells slightly like disease. Most consumers have found dreamy and energizing effects of consuming Sour Diesel.


Bubba Kush


The high THC content of the strain will have no adverse effect during your cooking process. The stronger weed can provide you with stronger edibles. The hybrid strain is Indica-dominant, and its buds contain a high amount of resin.

The sweet and pungent aroma has made this strain unique. You will also find a blend of coffee and chocolate notes. While consuming the strain, you will feel a earthy and nutty taste.

These are some marijuana edible strains with superb edible delight. Check the resin content, potency, and flavor of the strains to choose the right one.

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