Cannabis Sold in Gas Stations Across USA

Cannabis is going to be sold at Gas Stations Across the USA.  A major corporate chain has announced its plan to sell cannabis at their gas stations. This is great news for seed banks specializing in quality cannabis once customer realize corporate weed is crap. Who knows how long anything is left on the shelves or how long a hotdog has been left rotating in its store cooker. Gas stations are not going to be known for quality cannabis. The future is almost here with Cannabis Sold in Gas Stations Across USA, but it doesn’t mean you have to lower your cannabis standards.

Drink and Drive or Toke and Fly

Gas stations are a convenient place to fill up on fuel and snacks, but most veteran pilots will already have their favorite stash with them. We call them Pilots, because they don’t drink and drive they toke and fly. But seriously, you shouldn’t ever get high and drive because it’s dangerous to you and others. So though it might be nice for forgetful passengers to blaze the day away for long road trips, I don’t see this becoming legal to sell in gas stations in other countries around the world. Just the greedy corporate America will most like legalize cannabis sales at gas stations.

Safer Sources For Weed

Some people will buy their weed from Petro stops, but many won’t. We know old stock will dry out and taste horrible. Staff could steal some and replace it with some other dangerous substance. So we think smart cannabis users will grow their own or find a safer source for their smoke.


Most groups of people going on a road trip will have already acquired their weed before setting out on their trip. So we see seed banks thriving in the ever changing legalization of weed around the country. So its still best to buy your seeds and grow your own. Moreover, buy terrific genetics from reliable seeds serving America, like THC Seeds. You’ll find some mind blowing strains to grow at home and their prices are great too. You can check on their huge selection of strain and find the best ones for you. We love anything blue they sell. Blue strains are potent and relaxing for the body. So give them a try, and we suggest also buying a sativa cross to see which is best for you.


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