Big Buds Combo Pack

You will grow the biggest buds of your life with the incredible strains in our Big Buds combo pack. Not only are these buds big, fat, and dense, they are also packed full of THC. Growing the biggest and most beautiful buds is the goal for most growers and these strains will be the ones to get you just that! You will love the flavors and aromas of these buds and the high you get is just right.

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Buy our Big Buds Combo Pack and grow all the biggest buds at home!

Big Bud feminized

This strain is a mostly-Indica massive yield grower. Buying Big Bud Feminized seeds means a great harvest that is easy to grow. Big Bud takes a while before she flowers, but the payout is worth the wait! Big Bud Feminized has a long-lasting smooth high and a sweet musky taste.

These potent feminized seeds dope also gets adored for her soft hit. This means that those just starting out have the ability to enjoy weed easily. Get all she has to offer without the worry about getting couch-locked. Specifically, you will be expecting normal amounts of CBD and a THC range of between 5 and 15%. When you take this pot, you know what you’re getting into!

Big Bubble feminized

This an Indica dominant delicious strain with high yields that flower quickly. You will not want to stop smelling the buds of this strain as its sweet, earthy, and the flowery scent will get you hooked. You will feel like you are inside a big floating bubble when smoking this strain, getting uplifted while you soar high above your stress and anxieties. With its powerful properties that induce feelings of happiness and relaxation, it can be great for those suffering from mood disorders.

Additionally, Big Bubble feminized seeds produce strains that are easy to raise, which means beginners and amateurs can easily call her home. Restrain not from growing pot citing inexperience with this definition of potent, beautiful plant.

M.O.A.B feminized

This powerful marijuana strain is phenomenal when it comes to taste and flavor. She tastes both earthy and sweet, a rich blueberry flavor with slight diesel undertones. The feeling you get from smoking her can only be described as complete utter happiness, combined with a blissfully stoned sensation.

M.O.A.B feminized seeds couldn?t have their name getting lengthened as the Mother Of All Buds feminized if not for yielding voluminous buds that make commercial cannabis growers keep yearning for more. In fact, if you are looking forward to being a commercial pot grower, then think of this strain. Interestingly, you will find 5 seeds in the Big Buds feminized seeds pack and pleasure would all be yours that you will be in a position to compare and contrast the three.


From the get-go, you know pretty well that whenever a cannabis strain gets associated with the potential to provide massive buds, then one thing is sure – the yields are also high. In this big buds feminized seeds mix pack, you are not only expecting to reap bumper harvests, but also the grass that will wade off your medical conditions and ensure your recreational moments are too-notch.

Besides, Big Bubble feminized seeds, Big Bud feminized seeds, and M.O.A.B feminized seeds plants have different characteristics, which means you will have the ability to explore different features. To the greatest extent, this is a good packet for that wannabe grower who wishes to garner big buds but wishes to try out different plants before settling for a specific one.


If we could be in the quest to look for a current online alter ego name, then we could have referred to ourselves as the most unique seed bank in the world for standing out reason – we are critical thinkers and this explains why we have the most irresistible offers in the cannabis world.

See, our Big Buds Combo comprises those feminized beans that get majorly characterized by the most massive buds ever. In a recap, we have an entire category tailored explicitly for marijuana combo packs and you can be sure to explore and find another combination package of your choice if, for whatever reason, this one isn’t your cup of tea.

Precisely, this mix pack of feminized big budded plants is only available here.


Our belief is that you are not looking forward to being a breeder and that is why you are reading this description consisting of all-female grasses. Well, you will expect to get 15 strains in total from these seeds, and the most important thing to note is that all of the seeds here have a germination guarantee of 90%.

These seeds are among those that sprout with the least hassle and the seedlings flourish so superbly. That said, there is no excuse to make you fail in growing any of these. Importantly, we have handy pieces of write-ups to enable the growing ordeal to be the most straightforward for you. For instance, our germination and grow guides will play the greatest role in enabling you to rock as one of the best growers.


One thing we cannot fail to talk about these Big Buds combo pack seeds is that they are in high demand, especially for the commercial growers. Actually, most of our beloved big bud mix pack customers grab more than one packet every other time as they are fully aware of the ROIs to be obtained. This surge in demand means there are some moment there may be imbalances in demand and supply.

This explains why advocate for ordering these beans well in advance so that during the onset of the growing season, your goodies will be ready with you awaiting the sprouting stage.

So, regardless of where you are in the world, we are still fulfilling our mission – delivering across any part of the world. Stand up to be counted as a successful big buds grower today.


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