Easy Growing Combo Pack

If you?re new to growing or looking for hearty strains then our Easy Growing Combo pack is perfect for you. With these strains you can take the backseat and let the mother nature take the wheel. As they are resistant to molds and diseases they can grow in almost any environment. You can relax with these strains not only growing but also toking!

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Ganja Growing Made Easy

If there are ganja seeds that have never disappointed any grower, especially beginners, then it is the beans to the three strains you will see below. This explains why our easy growing combo pack is in such consistent demand every other time. While at this, there is an assumption we would like to cut well in advance before digging any deeper.

Yes, the three strains here are the beans with the easiest growing difficulty, but they are not the worst yielders. Why are we prompted to say this such early? We have often received a common FAQ, Are the beans in this easy growing mix pack the lowest yielders? Hopefully, you have received your response if you were also to ask the same – ease of growth is just a general characteristic for these beginner-friendly beans but not a show of their capability.

Afghan feminized

Her easy growing difficulty sees to it that the grower doesn’t have to have garnered loads of experience over the years. This medical Indica-strain that gets used for alleviating conditions such as insomnia and mental disorders, as well as enhancing profound relaxation, can indeed get used by the absolute grower for trialling and learn the cannabis cultivation ropes.

Afghan feminized seeds: The seeds that will take you from being a fearful grower and fearful smoker to being among the best growers you can ever talk about today.

Super Skunk feminized

The Super Skunk strain is easy to grow and that?s why it?s a terrific strain for beginners. This strain is resistant to mold and diseases. It will fill your room with large buds and a powerful skunk aroma. When you smoke this weed in a bong after harvesting, you will taste an amazing earthy flavor and experience an uplifting high. After ten minutes, you will feel stoned to the bone.

Other than the parental figures we have used to come up with our Super Skunk feminized seeds, there is more to the name of this strain. This beauty is surely super. Regardless of if you have all the needful cannabis growing necessities such as artificial fertilizers, you can use coffee grounds as the critical source for organic nutrients for this beauty, and one thing will be sure – she will give super reaps.

Caramelicous feminized

This delicious variety with BIG fat sticky buds and sweet caramel flavor is our favorite after-dinner smoke. Some of the buds are colored with purple and red trichomes. She has great CBD and high THC levels, she’s a great strain for medical users who have body high in mind.

Caramelicious feminized seeds give cannabis plants that will be the ultimate answer to your medicinal pain points. Are you interested in wading off medicinal problems with a sweet-tasting pot that has more than fantastic flavor to offer? Then we couldn’t be righter to include this grass to our easy growing seeds variety pack.


In practicality, you will be growing three different strains (with each strain having 5 seeds). Theoretically, you will be getting 15 strains if each cannabis strain sprouts well. Now, here is how it gets interesting. There will be chances that all of these strains will not exactly grow the same (depending on different factors), the yields won’t exactly be the same, and the buds may not be exactly the same size. This is, of course, regardless of if the plants are from the same strain or not.

Now, this is where pot-growing becomes utter fun. You may have five plants from the same strain, having had the seeds with the same freshness and quality, and having had the plants getting subjected to the same necessities for growth, but have the yields, size of the mature plant, and buds size differ. Explore the fun behind growing pot and it?ll be more of a hobby than a commercial venture or even a killing-time adventure.


As a beginner or an amateur who wishes to grow pot that has an easy growing difficulty, then it is no brainer that you are not interested in being a cannabis breeder. This means that your best option is having a feminized cannabis seeds variety pack, and our easy growing mix pack is here to help you achieve your dream.

All of the 15 seeds in this package will give rise to all-female plants, which to the greatest extent is so cool for you – higher yields, no hassle of having to do away with any males, and of course more cash, if you are a commercial grower.

The three strains here; Afghan feminized seeds, Super Skunk feminized seeds, and Caramelicious feminized seeds will surely boost your confidence regardless of your experience level.

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